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October 28, 2007


A CPD opportunity listed at CPDFind

I'll be attending this great looking opportunity next weekend, it is covering Using the Social Web to develop the Four Capacities and lead by David Noble who of course produces the great Booruch podcast.

I've two reasons for posting this information:

Firstly I think this is a great cpd opportunity, the Booruch podcast is the one podcast I have religiously stuck with, David keeps his listeners up to date with a vast amount of new technology as it emerges, but more importantly he has a realistic, classroom based understanding of how to use the technology in teaching and how it fits in with Scottish educational initiatives. Personally I keep up with some of the new tech arriving in my feed reader every day, often have ideas of how to use these in the class (quite a few fail, but Ewan lets me know this is ok). What I am hoping to get from the CPD is more of an idea of how the Social web links to a Curriculum for Excellence. Of couse I can see the links, but I know from listening to Booruch that David will dot the i's and cross the t's.

The second interesting this is the CPDFind website (or subsite of LTS). CPDfind is

a database of CPD opportunities from providers all over Scotland.where you can:
  • search for CPD using keywords and/or key categories such as leadership and professional skills
  • make a wish list of opportunities for your CPD plan
  • search for different types of CPD such as professional reading and action research.
The plans for CPDFind are ambitious and include integration with Glow.
I've bee naware of the CPDFind site for a while but this is the first time I've used it in anger, I am very pleased that it uses tag like categories. I wonder if integration with glow will bring user added tags to let the site become CPDFindr ;-)


I know that it is only a week away but if you are interested in Web 2.0/Social Web in education I think this is a opportunity that is to good to miss.

Keywords: aCfE, blogging, cpd, flickr, glow, lts, web2.0

Posted by john @ Blogging for Education


  1. This sounds really interesting.  I like the fact that they are trying to give direct ideas on how to use social networking within A Curriculum for Excellence

    CPD Find is a useful site, although still in its infancy.  I hope people do start to use it more and more.  Scran's on there! Smile

    user iconLesley Stokes on Tuesday, 30 October 2007, 10:47 GMT # |

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