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December 05, 2007

Some things I'd like to be able to do on Scribble:

  • Organise my personal blog posts by category (maybe based on keywords).
  • Select some categories to display a list of links to in the right hand column.
  • Manage the security level, keywords, etc. of all posts in a category.
  • Export batches of blog posts (by date, keyword, etc.) as CSV file or similar, or even just in a printer-friendly format.


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March 01, 2007

This question came up on another blog.  The answer is yes, you can contribute images to Scran provided you are the copyright owner and have taken the pictures yourself.  Contributing the images means you give us permission to use them. 

Here is the form you need to fill in: Personal Contribution Form.

You'll find more information on the contributor's page

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February 17, 2007

Post any question here by clicking Post a New Entry.  Then check the comments for responses.

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