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April 05, 2011

As is wont, I took my mother out for luncheon on Sunday, I had intended to take her out to the new Thai resteraunt but, for some reason they don't open on a Sunday until half five, so instead we headed off to La Banca, the Tapas restaurant in Vicar's Street.

To be honest, I really shouldn't have done so [but I just love sausage], I had the Chorizo Frito al Vino [Chorizo lightly fried in a red wine sauce] I could feel the myocardial infarction coming, it was gloriously rich. My mother had the Morcilla [Morcilla is a North-Eastern Spanish version of black pudding, but soooooo much better], and for such rich food the only way known to man to break it down is the old vino tinto [as recommended by the 'mediterrainian diet']. The mother said the Shiraz is better than the Tempranillo, but that was her opinion, I didn't try the Shiraz, still I don't get why there was no rioja on the wine list [I love rioja].

So after the meal we got a bottle of wine and chatted about this and that, nice atmosphere, good food, I would heartily recommend it, just it would probably be better if you have something more varied than just chorizo and wine, for your own good. John Meffen

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