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September 28, 2011

I don't eat out in my home town of Falkirk very often, because frankly, I have a flat where I can eat for much, much cheaper. But there are times when I have to, generally because I am going to meet my mum, and to be honest my flat is not the kind of place I would entertain my Mum. So on Sunday since I hadn't seen her in a while me and my Mum met somewhat in between where we live and went to Falkirk's fantastic noodle bar Sumo.

 Sumo on Urbanspoon

I must say, that I absolutely love noodles, I seriously don't know what the human race did before the invention of noodles, and I don't just mean great noodles like the Chicken Yakisoba I had on Sunday, and they were great... I even mean your common or garden SuperNoodles. They just seem to be the perfect food. Oh and the waitresses are cute too.

Thanks to Urbanspoon for pointing this Noodle Bar out to the World

Urbanspoon Rocks

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