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January 16, 2012

As everybody knows, my weekends are high-flying, jet-setting, extravagent, international events not far away from those experienced by all the glitterati, no wait, that is somebody else completely, that is somebody who has an interesting life, and is in fact nobody I know .....

Lets start all over again, my weekends involve computer games, spreadsheets DVDs and red wine [probably smoke too much as well], so for a change on Saturday afternoon I went out for lunch with my mum. I like to mix it up when I go out to eat, so this time we decided to go to a chinese restaurant roughly in between where we stay. The Taiyuan [sorry site is still 'under construction' give it time] in Weir Street, Falkirk. In between talking too much about absolutely nothing interesting I had Barbequed Pork Ribs and Kon Siu Beef [hot & sweet sauce with peppers & onion] from the set lunch menu [I picked the Kon Siu because I had never heard of it!!] I give it a big #Nom.

My mother had a vegetable satay [:(], but hey, we don't all just choose whatever we have never had. It was moderately well-priced, not cheap, but not I watering, and the staff were very helpful, I definitely enjoyed myself. May even go again some time.....

Taiyuan on Urbanspoon

After that, I returned to my flat to my usual attempts to win the Scottish League with East Stirlingshire/ Domination of Medieval Europe by Scotland/Make a database system that works properly, followed by watching some favourite zombie movies. Sorry to bore you but, hey most of us do have really boring lives.

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